… inhale and exhale, earth and expanse – two replenishing strategies of unity. Opening is preceded by closing when universe freezes for a while, for the time of apnoea of the sculpture when shutter drops on the speeding mind.

Here is She who is bending strings of light propelled by the curiosity of the future. At the moment when exhale meets inhale She solidifies over the depth of impossibility and cherishes the miracle of the encounter as the biggest treasure. She is a holder of compassion, hanging in half of the sky on the stems growing from the fertile soil.

Here is He who splays out – by the ark of his body – a steel lid of eye looking up on infinity. At the moment when inhale ends into apnoea, by the pupil of his loins he aims at absolute, as if a secret of replenishment was lying there. He is a seducer of the spirit who opens vibrating doors to silence with glinting muscles.

Krzysztof Lewandowski